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With an eye toward originality, simone creates spaces that scream sophisticated yet livable. she believes that interiors should be beautiful, soulful  and functional and has mastered mixing the three. in simone's designs you will always find a well curated dose of  textures, a balanced mix of patterns and a dash of the unexpected as well as thoughtful combinations of furniture, textiles and accessories.

design creates the atmosphere of the home

Hansen Dining Room.png

born in the UK and raised in new york and california, simone has lived in many cities around the US and is currently loving life on a ranch in celina, texas - which anyone who knows her finds rather amusing because she lives in high heels during the week.  "boots on the weekend," she says, "keep life balanced!'  she travels extensively around the globe sourcing handmade wares and gathering inspiration. her designs are influenced by the places she has lived in and traveled to.

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